Web/Mobile Apps scanning



Most researches today shows that the fastest-growing risk category is web application vulnerabilities and mobile Apps attacks.

Analysts have estimated that most of those attacks now targets the application layer, exploiting more than 6,500 known vulnerabilities!

As mobile device usage number increases, so do the threat such as smishing, app repackaging, and malicious URLs affecting thousands of mobile device users daily.

How will you catch up to the criminals and secure your applications and Apps before they breach you?

Our highly qualified security professionals at ECI LLC will find solutions to secure all your applications and Apps across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) — from code development to pre-production testing and production following many options we possess among them the well-known Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), or “black-box” testing which will find the weaknesses in your running applications before hackers can find them then use them against you. We also offer the Static Application Security Testing (SAST), or “white-box” testing which finds the known exploits by running a deep analysis of your applications without executing them.